Charge Your Phone with Fire

Charge your phone with fire. While camping.

(Never mind the fact that you won’t need your phone in the middle of Zero-Bars-On-My-Phone-Because-I’m-In-The-Middle-Of-Nowhere.)

Disclaimer: We are not affiliated with (or being paid by) any of the below companies. We are sharing their information with the world because we believe more people can be inspired by these technologies.

What if you could generate electricity in the middle of nowhere with just a few sticks and a fire? Sound like science fiction? Think again – a company named BioLite has created just that.

BioLite’s CampStove is a portable fire that connects with a miniature fan that produces enough electricity to charge your phone (or your Go Pro camera, radio, etc.). The CampStove generates enough electricity (2 – 4 Watts, to be exact) to add 60 minutes of talk time to your phone in an average of 20 minutes. Not to mention you will have boiling water, warm hands, or warm food while your phone is charging.

One might question the significance of charging your phone in a remote area. Why even bring technology while camping? The application is actually much larger than simple convenience. If this type of electricity was provided to families in developing countries where (a) electricity has yet to come, or (b) electricity is already there but is too expensive to afford, it could revolutionize electricity itself.

Think of BioLite’s CampStove on an even bigger context. Essentially, heat + a fan = electricity. If we created that on a larger scale, and found ways to encapsulate/save that energy for later use, we could have a new way of mass-producing electricity for the world.

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