3 Genius Solar-Powered Inventions

We’ve researched three genius solar-powered inventions that you should know about!

Solar-Powered Keyboards


Logitech has created a Solar-Powered Wireless Keyboard. Wireless keyboards are all the rage for convenience these days, as they can easily convert tablets into mini laptops. However, even regular wireless keyboards need to be plugged in or batteries changed at some point. Logitech’s Solar-Powered Wireless Keyboard, however, will draw on inside lighting to stay fully charged. Think inside lighting isn’t feasible for solar power? Think again – this is the same technology used by Citizen watches that keep them charged for years.

Solar-Powered Parking Lot Roofs


Parking lots are everywhere. Too bad cars park there, because otherwise they’d be a great place to spread out solar panels. But wait! Dell came up with the idea of putting solar paneled roofs above the cars. Dell teamed up with Envision Solar on this creative project. There’s a bonus of a shaded roof, so cars stay protected from the heat. Hopefully more companies follow suit soon – it produces free energy, and cooler customers.

Solar-Powered BBQ Grill


Going camping in the middle of the plains (or your apartment deck) and don’t have any access to firewood? No worries – you can still grill up an extravagant meal with a Solar-Powered Barbeque! GoSun is one of a few companies that recently created Solar-Powered Grills to ensure you can have all the BBQ you want – minus the firewood, charcoal, and propane tanks. GoSun BBQ Grills will even work at night, after the sun goes down.

We are not affiliated with or endorsed by any of the above companies. We only wish to share our enthusiasm as individuals and companies create new technologies for our future. We believe this information should be shared!


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