Tesla: Solar Roof News

Elon Musk’s “Master Plan: Part Deux” has begun.

After the controversial merger of Tesla Motors and SolarCity in November 2016, critics claimed Musk was using Tesla shareholder money to save his other brainchild from bankruptcy. However, the recent merger has come with news of a compatible, all-encompassing alternative energy lifestyle.

Meet Tesla’s Solar Roof, made with miniature solar panels with the look of regular roofing tiles. Propagated on both Tesla’s and SolarCity’s websites, this roofing aligns with Musk’s original ‘Master Plan’ for his car company: “Provide solar power.”

Prior to the merger, Tesla already had a two-prong solar dimension under their belt. The first: solar powered charging stations strategically placed across the nation, free of charge for Tesla owners (no pun intended). The second: Tesla’s Powerwall (or Powerpack, for commercial businesses), a system designed to store alternative energy for homeowners.

Even without a SolarCity merge, Tesla would have naturally evolved into a business that created solar collectors to complete their set. Solar roofs are the equivalent of Tesla’s solar-powered car charging stations on steroids.

Step 1: Harness alternative energy (ie: solar power from Tesla’s roofs).

Step 2: Store the alternative energy (ie: Tesla’s Powerwall for homes).

Step 3: Use that alternative energy (ie: charging your Tesla vehicle in your home garage).

In an article for Consumer Reports, Daniel DiClerico breaks down the cost ratios between normal roofing, and Tesla’s Solar Roof. His conclusion: to be comparative, “a textured glass tile Solar Roof should cost no more than $73,500, installed, to be competitive with an asphalt roof.” This is a rough estimate with a plethora of variables. However, this estimate takes into account the money saved over the life of the roof in home electricity costs.

Albeit being on the high-end of roof tile costs, this is still ‘Solar Roofing: Version 1.0.’ Just like computers, cell phones, and Tesla vehicles, the cost to consumers eventually will go down after demand for mass production goes up.

This breaking news brings Tesla full-circle: Harness Alternative Energy, Store Alternative Energy, Use that Alternative Energy. Tesla Motors found a grand way to create an Alternative Energy Vehicle, fuelled by both electricity and the sun.

Read more about Tesla’s business strategy in our article “Tesla: The Business that is Changing the World.

 Disclaimer: We are not affiliated with Tesla Motors or SolarCity, nor do we receive any incentives writing about these companies. We are publicising this information for free because we believe in companies like Tesla Motors (and their strive for creating new technologies for the future of humankind).

Photo credit: Tesla Motors


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