The road to Alternative Energy is similar to a Presidential Election: Nominees scrambling for attention, all with pros and cons. Some drop out due to their ratings, others have true potential yet aren’t covered by the media.

      That’s where we step in. Here at The Next Big ‘Zing,’ we spend hours researching, compiling data, and dispelling myths, so that you can receive unbiased information on the intersection of Alternative Energy and Engineering. We encourage you to look at motives behind the pushback to Alternative Energy, and how just one type of energy isn’t end-all be-all. That’s where we got stuck in the first place – first with coal, then with gas. Why not change our mindsets to see how different types of Alternative Energy can work together, rather than setting them up against each other?

At the Next Big ‘Zing,’ we also pride ourselves in our Think Tank mentality – we know there are innovators out there that are trying to wrap their head around an undiscovered Alternative Energy. We aren’t talking about Scientists here (although Scientists are certainly not excluded!) – we are talking about the man in Manhattan working 4 AM shifts at a bakery, who is pondering why there hasn’t been a push for Hybridizing commercial airplanes while sugary steam rises from the dough around him. We are talking about the 17-year-old young woman who lives in Argentina and dreams of becoming a lawyer because of the political strife she’s seen due to oil relations in her country. We are talking about a Nurse who, on a 12-hour night shift, ducks away to pull up an article on how Tesla cars work. Yes, that’s right – we are talking about you. Innovative minds that come together can change the world in a way that isn’t even in existence yet. Explore the future of where Alternative Energy intersects with Engineering!

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