Archive of Articles on The Next Big ‘Zing’

Space Mining: Alternative Energy in Outer Space?

Is there Alternative Energy available in Outer Space? Delve into our Solar System as we research Space Mining.

Tesla: The Business That Is Changing the World

A Behind-the-Scenes look into the most transformative Auto Company of the 21st Century and How it Could Change the World.

Charge Your Phone with Fire

The New Invention that Generates Electricity from – You Guessed It – a Campfire!

Wireless Electricity

Wireless Electricity: How the History of Radio Can Shape the Future of Wireless Electricity

SolarCity + Tesla = Solar System

The Future of Your Home’s “Solar System” as Seen by Tesla and SolarCity.


Quotes about Alternative Energy and Inspiring Minds Behind Inventions.

The New Tesla Model X 60D

Tesla Introduces Their Model X 60D Today (Their Lowest-Priced SUV with Falcon Doors)!

3 Genius Solar-Powered Inventions

You’ll Want to Check Out These 3 Genius Solar-Powered Inventions!

Conducting Electricity with a Writing Pen

This pen conducts electricity simply by drawing a connection!

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